Mains water is piped to all buildings on site and to two water outlets adjacent to the main track which are used for filling water carriers. As water is a chargeable commodity all users are asked to help conserve the supply and make sure all the taps are switched off after use.


This consists of a purpose built block building divided into male and female sides with WC’s, wash hand basins with H & C supplies and shaver light electric points. In addition there is a separate leaders toilet with its own basin shaver light and water heater. A unisex shower room is attached with 5 individual cubicles that is available to all campers and use of this is fully inclusive of camping fees. The toilet block and shower room both have interior lighting controlled by motion sensors and dawn to dusk sensors outside.


All buildings on site have electricity. This is included in the cost of camping fees but metered and charged at the prevailing rate for those using indoor accommodation (see tariff sheet). Secondary use of electricity from the toilet block is not permitted (i.e. to power site/tent lights etc) without prior agreement with the booking secretary..


Plastic sacks should be brought with you whether you are camping or using the buildings for all non-burnable rubbish. These should be taken away with you when you leave and the area you have used left in a clean and tidy state as you would wish to find it; there is a public tip within 5km from the site.  A litter check should be made by the Warden before you leave or by the leader in charge if out of season.


Fires are permitted in designated hard standing areas on all camping sites. In addition there is a large campfire area near to the Wardens hut with log seating. This area is for campfires only and should not be used for cooking. All ash from cooking fires and the campfire should be removed to the marked ash pit and the fire areas left clean and tidy when you leave.

Wood Supply

Despite the site being within mature woodland, the supply of available wood is not inexhaustible. Fallen timber is usually readily available at the beginning of the season but becomes less so as the year progresses. All users are therefore asked not to light and maintain unnecessary fires. Trees should not be felled or lopped under any circumstances and whilst fallen timber can be collected from the top wood area beyond the site boundary, the owners of that land stipulate that axes or saws and especially chainsaws must not be taken into that area. Fallen timber should be brought back to your camping area before chopping/sawing.

Available Equipment

There is a supply of necessary equipment available to all site users that includes spades, wheelbarrows, brushes, mops, buckets etc. All equipment is available on the understanding that it is returned to its correct storage place in a clean condition. All breakages must be reported and in some cases, paid for.

Car Parking

Whilst it is expected that vehicles have to be loaded and unloaded as close as possible to the area of use, once this has taken place they should be left in the designated car parking areas at either the top or bottom of the site.